Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Visiting a dental clinic with its imaging equipment and cleaning machinery can be a jarring experience for some children. While our staff takes every step to ensure that children can feel as comfortable as possible, sometimes our best efforts can still cause anxiety in some children. This anxiety, and the fact that some procedures require long hours of staying still, is why Signature Orthodontics offers sedation dentistry.

Nitrous oxide is a quick working sedative that reduces stress and anxiety in children. It is extremely safe and is a very commonly used inhalation anesthetic. Nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen in a healthy amount is administered to the child with the help of a mask. It slows down their body’s reaction time and induces a feeling of lightness. Once the circulation stops, it will take only a few minutes for your child to return to normal again. It is non-addictive and not known to cause any allergies.

For longer procedures, oral conscious sedation may be used. This involves administering a pill of a liquid orally and may be combined with the inhalation of nitrous oxide as well. Throughout this, your child will remain conscious and able to follow instructions, however, they will no longer be stressed or anxious. Oral sedation might require up to 24 hours to wear off fully. Hence children subjected to it must be monitored for the rest of the day.

IV sedations release the anti-anxiety drug directly into the bloodstream of your child. The sedative does not put one to sleep, but slows their senses and induces calmness. As a result, the children often fall asleep during the process. IV sedation does not numb your senses, so local anesthesia must still be administered before the dentist can carry out further processes. IV Sedation can take up to 24 hours to wear off.. Children should be constantly monitored for the rest of the day after IV Sedation.

Some children have a deep phobia towards dentistry. To undergo procedures, they may need the help of general anesthesia. Such sedation is only performed by a trained anesthesiologist in the presence of hospital staff, which makes it completely safe and risk-free for your child.

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