Braces for Adults

Adult Braces

Braces for Adults

The reason most adults get braces is simple: they are unhappy with their smile. Braces are an excellent, stress free way to make your smile more beautiful than it already is!

Why Adults Need Braces

In addition, “sliding by” with crooked teeth or a misaligned bite may cause more serious issues down the road that can require extremely expensive surgeries, root canals, implants, or veneers.

In today’s world, first impressions matter! Getting braces as an adult can help you have higher self esteem, move forward in your career, or even find that special someone.

Here are some common problems that might have you thinking about braces:


In an underbite, the lower jaw extends out, causing the lower front teeth to sit in front of the upper front teeth.


Spacing problems may be caused by missing teeth or they may be only a cosmetic issue.

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

The appearance and function of your teeth are impacted by upper front teeth protrusion, which is characterized by the upper teeth extending too far forward or the lower teeth not extending far enough forward.


Crowding occurs when teeth have insufficient room to erupt from the gum. Crowding can often be corrected by expansion, and many times, tooth removal can be avoided.


In a crossbite, the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth, which may cause tooth stratification and misaligned jaw growth.


In an overbite, the upper front teeth extend out over the lower front teeth, sometimes causing the lower front teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.


Proper chewing is impacted by an openbite, which occurs when the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap. Openbites may be caused by habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.

Dental Midlines Not Matching

Dental midlines that do not match are evident when the back bite does not fit and match appropriately. This may negatively impact jaw and proper dental function.

Alternatives to Braces for Adults

Metal Braces

are the most common type of braces and work fantastically well.


Clear Braces

(also known as ceramic braces) are a great alternative to metal braces. They allow your braces to blend slightly with your teeth and are less noticeable in photos.


(or clear aligners) is gaining popularity, especially among adults who want to straighten their teeth discreetly. There are no wires or metal attached to your teeth, but wearing aligners can be difficult for some people as they are easy to forget. Clear aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day to be effective.


can only fix cosmetic smile problems, not underlying bite or alignment issues. Seeing an orthodontist before deciding on veneers can help you choose which is right for you.

How Braces for Adults Work

Braces move teeth through brackets and wires that place constant pressure on the mouth. This process starts with brackets that are glued to your teeth. The adhesion process takes between one and two hours. Once the brackets are adhered, a wire is placed between them, allowing for the right pressure to be applied in the right places.

Every 4-6 weeks, you will come in for a checkup and tightening. These appointments are to monitor the progress of the jaw and tooth alignment, and make any needed adjustments.

Your orthodontist may also prescribe rubber bands to help you align your jaw if necessary.

The length of adult orthodontic treatment will vary based on the severity of your bite or smile issues, and how closely you follow the guidelines that come with braces or invisalign.

How Much do Braces Cost?

For more information on our pricing and payment plans for braces, Invisalign and InBrace for kids and adults.

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