Preventative Treatment

Preventative Treatment

Most dental problems can be prevented and fixed as long as the cause is caught early on. It is best to visit a pediatric dentist as soon as a child grows their first teeth. With a check-up every 6 months, you can rest assured that your child’s teeth are in capable and experienced hands. Contact us today using the form at the bottom of this page to schedule your first appointment.

Until 13 years of age, children’s teeth undergo a variety of changes and rapid growth. During this stage, it is essential to catch any developmental issues as early as possible so that preventative measures can be taken. Our team of doctors is dedicated to educating children about their oral health and making them understand its importance and benefits. Regular appointments for cleaning and diagnosis can also cut down the chances of any larger issues cropping up later on and helps dentists to zero in on any probable future problems.

Decaying food and bacteria trapped within our teeth are the primary cause of tooth decay. Not all sides of a molar are easily accessible and hence, they easily turn into traps for bacterial growth and consequently – cavities. Think of dental sealants as a protective layer that acts as a shield against such bacteria. They are known to prevent cavities by almost 80% over a span of two years and are a completely safe way to safeguard your child’s teeth against decay. Our team highly suggests getting dental sealants as soon as permanent molars come in.

Children may not always be adept or regular at brushing and flossing. The build-up of plaque is often the primary cause of tooth decay, and delayed reactions can only accentuate such issues. Fluoride is a widely popular component in most toothpaste, and with good reason. It is known to strengthen the existing tooth enamel and also help in bone growth. SDF treatment involves adding a fluoride layer on top of the teeth. The treatment is extremely safe, even for kids, and is known to repair faults in the teeth in the early stages when they are still microscopic.

Since teeth are a part of our bone structure, the best way to study them is through an X-ray. Gone are the days when X-rays would expose the patient to harmful radiations and required half an hour to develop. A digital x-ray cuts down on the radiation emitted by 80 to 90% and immediately displays the imagery on a screen for the viewer. Children can be understandably scared of undergoing an X-ray, however, digital X-rays do not require any darkroom processing time and are even more economical than traditional film X-rays.

If your child is a natural-born athlete, don’t let worry about their teeth stop them from achieving their dreams. Sports often involve falls, body contact, and high-impact exercise. All of these can affect a child’s teeth during their development years. At Signature Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry, we make customized mouth-guards that fit on your child’s teeth like a glove, even if they wear braces. With these in place, you can focus on your child’s performance rather than worry about their mouth protection.

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