Cavity Treatment

Cavity Treatment

Cavity Treatment

Tooth enamel is the strongest substance in our body. But even with proper care and treatment, it is prone to wearing away which results in cavities. Anyone—regardless of age—is prone to cavities but children are seen to be more susceptible with almost 25% of them having at least one cavity. The weaker tooth left behind is more susceptible to chipping as well. But there’s no reason why a cavity should be difficult to take care of. Our dental procedures can fix them to look as good as new while ensuring that your child remains comfortable throughout the process!

Visible cavities not only cause pain but can also cause a loss of confidence. We firmly believe that every child’s smile is important. With advances in technology, a cavity can now be filled with composite resin fillings closely resembling the natural color of your child’s teeth. These fillings blend in with the surrounding texture and are virtually indistinguishable from the original tooth. They are highly effective at relieving the pain caused due to the cavity. These fillings can last for over a decade when maintained well and do not pose any health risks.

Preventative care teaches kids how to take care of their teeth and keep them healthy. However, children are more likely to chip or break their teeth due to their active lifestyles and habits. Nail-biting is actually a very common cause for chipped teeth! Your child’s smile can be rebuilt with the help of white dental crowns. These crowns are carefully crafted to match the individual teeth of your child and protect it from further damage. White crowns are even available for baby teeth and look just as natural as real teeth.

Extractions are never an easy procedure for children but might be a necessary step in many cases. Our team of dentists is highly trained to make children feel comfortable in such situations. By discussing the process and explaining how it works, we aim to build trust and generate an environment where children feel safe. The kind of extraction and numbing agent used will depend on the tooth to be extracted. By using the proper tools, we make it as pain-free an operation as possible.

Baby teeth are important for the proper growth and positioning of adult teeth. Hence, advanced decay in the baby teeth of children is often combated by a pulpotomy instead. In this procedure, the chamber pulp present within the crown of the tooth is removed and replaced by a white filling. This puts an end to further decay and allows normal growth of the tooth. Pulpotomy even thickens the existing root walls of the tooth in growing children. Eventually, the baby tooth will fall out and be replaced by a stronger and healthier adult tooth.

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